I'm Erin holmes

I am a maker of sounds

I truly enjoy the meticulous detail of creating a sonic environment and being able to piece together these individual sounds to create an immersive world.

To me, it is all about where, what, and why; being aware in a place and being aware of one’s relation to that place - what it feels like to be in a space. If all aspects of a project’s audio (sound design and composition) work perfectly in sync, an experience can be so satisfying, so seamless to reality or simply be so moving.

I studied a Masters of Science in Sound Design and Audiovisual Practices at the University of Glasgow, graduated in November of 2018

Since then, I have been working as a Sound Designer and Composer creating game audio and soundtracks, and composing production music - tracks for television series and advertisement placements (for networks such as FOX, MTV, NBC, ABC, and more). Additionally, I produce vocal work under the artist name AERYN.

I strive push boundaries (that don’t exist) to create something unique.



Current obsessions...

These are some of the soundtracks that are currently (and most likely always) on my listening rotation.